Remote Spirit Release

Heal​ the wounded spirit with the remote method

Practitioner Training


Adding Real Value to Medicine

Cleaning the wound is the first essential act in the treatment of any sickness or injury.

We use the Remote Spirit Release method to clean the wounded spirit of any attached negative energy, including dark force entities (DFEs) witchcraft, black magic, curses, hexes, past life contracts, earthbound spirits or inter-dimensional parasites.

No medical or psychiatric treatment can fully succeed until the spirit is cleaned of all negative energy.

Learn how to release troublesome spirits and other forms of negative energy right here.

The Right Approach For You?

Are you a dedicated health-care professional, doctor, nurse, complementary therapist, esoteric healer or spiritual medium with the vocation to relieve suffering for the minimum cost and maximum benefit?

Then join our online interactive workshops with peer support from qualified practitioners and fellow professionals.

Have your free personal spiritual health checks and qualify for a

Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) as a Remote Spirit Release Practitioner and accreditation as an International Practitioner of Holistic Medicine (IPHM)

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What To Expect During Training

There are no essays to write and no exams to sit. All training is interactive and experiential. Certificates of professional Competence (CPC) are awarded for efficacy, clarity and confidence. Mainstream medicine is under extreme pressure from ineffective methods that ignore the spiritual dimensions. We aim to address that with evidence based methods that any dedicated health-care provider can learn by interacting with other trainees and skilled practitioners across the USA, Canada, South America, UK, Europe and around the world in our online classes. There is no time limit to the learning process with the lowest possible cost.

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What grateful clients are saying

I am so humbled, gracious, pleasantly shocked and surprised with  overwhelming joy! Words can never describe the experience.

I do not feel like a victim anymore but a Victor and I am GLAD! I would recommend you from my experience for anyone who has come from an abusive childhood with many traumas and grew up to stay in the cycle of abuse but having a hard time seeing the light in anything.

Thank you Dr. Palmer, Margaret, Joseph, Christy and especially Our Creator!

(Anon, Toronto, Canada)



Dear Dr Palmer,

You performed a RSR for us recently (for a friend).

We noticed an immediate and huge change. We were no longer besieged by her delusional accusations and demands. Instead, there seemed to be a rational person there who could be reasoned with.

Today we received a long note of apology from her.

Again, I cannot thank you enough. I find it perfect to think that we were able to help ourselves best by helping her. But it needed a miracle. You and your team provided that miracle!

(Anon, USA)


"Θα ήθελα να σας ενημερώσω ότι η θεραπεία σας είναι μια ευλογία για εμάς, είμαι εξαιρετικά ευγνώμων, αισθάνομαι πιο δυνατός και γειωμένος από την απελευθέρωσή σας. Ποτέ δεν ένιωσα έτσι. Πολύ αγάπη."


"I wanted to inform you that your therapy is a blessing to us, I am extremely grateful, I feel stronger and grounded ever since your releasement. Never felt like this before.

Much love."

(Maria. Karystos, Greece)