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We love Remote Spirit Release and want to share its amazing gifts.

Dr Terence Palmer PhD CMH IPHM

Dr Palmer is our principal. He is a psychologist, hypnotherapist and a Remote Spirit Release trainer with IPHM accreditation. Dr Palmer is an active member of the Society for Psychical Research, the Scientific and Medical Network and the Royal Society of Medicine. He is a clinician and researcher and has taught Remote Spirit Release methods in the UK, North America, Mexico and Argentina. He is the author of The Science of Spirit Possession which provides the scientific framework for our work, and The Tao of Natural Cycles,  channelled from the spirit of Lao Tzu, which provides a philosophical understanding of universal principles from a Taoist perspective. Dr Palmer is the only psychologist in the UK with a PhD on the scientific study of spirit possession. He is conducting research on the efficacy of the Remote Spirit Release method and  is active in encouraging scientific institutions in the UK and USA to do likewise. Check out his You Tube channel for case studies, lectures and conference presentations.

Andrew Porter IPHM

Andrew Porter is Dr Palmer's principal medium and co-trainer. As a Psychic Surgeon he has been working with his guide “Chen” since January 2008. He has organised  Psychic Surgery workshops, talks and demonstrations  and works with clients from all over the world.

Andrew  established the UK’s first Psychic Surgery organisation,  Unity Of UK Psychic Surgeons (UUPS)  and has  channelled a book from "Chen" answering many frequently asked spiritual questions.


The spirit guide Chen is the most important member of the principal team and is the key to the success of the protocol that he has taught us all. He is the unseen conductor of our orchestra and the inspirer and driving force of the entire training enterprise. He is present at every training and practice session, standing back to observe progress with all our other trainees' participating guides and commenting when asked for his opinion. His wit and wisdom add humour to our serious work. Spirit guides have no physical form, but this is how Andrew sees Chen through his third eye. Chen often addresses our students directly through Andrew's trance mediumship. During his past addresses to trainees he has often given warnings and predictions of the current crisis now facing the medical establishment. It was Chen who advised us all to be prepared to act when medicine fails to meet the challenge. It is Chen's invitation to join us and demonstrate how to heal the sick with the power of the spirit. 

Margaret Nicholls CMH CHyp

Margaret participated in our very first practical training workshop and has assisted in every one since. She has been a hypnotherapist for more than thirty years. She was not a natural medium, but developed her skills by attending residential training at Stanstead Hall  over a period of seven years and sitting in circle which she continues to do. The most experienced medium we have, Margaret has several guides and has been an instrument of communication on some cases with the spirit of Dr Carl Jung.   Supporting our online sessions, Margaret shows our trainees how it is done and is our expert on the subtleties of trance mediumship with her spirit guides Joseph, Chu Chow and Karl.

Heather Stubbs IPHM

Heather hosts our online practitioner meetings and practice sessions for our US trainees and practitioners from her home in Seattle, WA. USA. 

An efficient coordinator and manager, Heather started training with us in March 2019 and attended our practical workshop in Virginia in October 2019.

Heather has become our indispensable anchor in the United States.

Dr Alan Sanderson MRCPsych

Dr Sanderson is our psychiatry consultant.  He was  a psychiatrist in the National Health Service where he pioneered the use of Spirit Release Therapy (SRT). He was the founder and Chairman of the Spirit Release Foundation (SRF). He is now  retired and writing a book about his experiences with spiritual matters. Dr Sanderson is "Much concerned about the present state of psychiatry in the U.K". We are  honoured to have Dr Sanderson as a Patron and our consultant on psychiatry.

Here is a You Tube video of Dr Sanderson speaking at an NHS conference in 2015.

Dr Graham Taylor BSc MB BS MRCGP MBA

Dr Graham Taylor is our medical consultant. He was a Hospital and General Practitioner with the NHS in the 1980s, and has been a Consulting Physician since then. Graham is our 'devil's advocate' and helps us enormously with arguments posed from his medical model perspective and is keen to make a documentary about our work. Here is a clip from a trailer. We are privileged to have him as our medical advisor.

Danielle Lynch MEd IPHM

Danielle is our appointed Research Coordinator and data analyst. In addition to being a remote spirit release facilitator and spirit medium, she is an ordained minister and a senior data analyst in a hospital. Danielle is an advocate of  our evidence-based intervention protocol to clear individuals of negative spirit attachments and negative energy.

Location: Boston, Massachusetts.

Benjamin Smith

Ben is our cinematographer.

He is the owner and creative director of  Viral Films .co.uk

Ben records on film our conference presentations and training events. Here is an example of his work with us and others connected with our interests. See who you can recognise.

Iman Néfesch

Iman es Médium y trabaja principalmente en la Técnica de “Visualización Mediúmnica Remota” y “Terapia de Liberación Espiritual Remota” (TLE Remoto). Es un método que ha creado en base a su propio camino y experiencia mediúmnica y estudios con el Chen. Fundadora de GEMA (Grupo de Estudios Mediúmnicos de Argentina). GEMA se dedica a formar y educar a otros médiums y facilitadores en la Terapia de TLE Remoto. También a organizar conferencias y Congresos para difundir la Mediumnidad y TLE Remoto.

Es además Terapeuta en Terapia de Regresión – Vidas Pasadas , Astróloga profesional, Tarotista y Traductora de Inglés Profesional.

Ubicación: Buenos Aires – Argentina

English Translation of Above

Iman is our translator into the Spanish language. She is a Medium and works mainly in “Remote Mediumistic Visualization” and “Remote Spirit Release Therapy”. It is a method  based on her own path and experience in mediumship together with Chen's protocol.

She is the founder of GEMA (Grupo de Estudios Mediúmnicos de Argentina) (Mediumship Study Group of Argentin) which aims  to educate other mediums and facilitators in Remote Spirit Releasement and Remote Mediumistic Visualization. Iman is also the organiser of Conferences and International Congresses to spread Mediumship and Remote Spirit Release to Spanish speaking people.

We are priveleged to have our work translated into Spanish by Iman.

Location: Buenos Aires – Argentina

Chen's Spiritual and Psychic Teachings

 Channeled by Andrew straight from his spirit guide 'Chen".

Available on Amazon.



This is the Future of Health Care

"I anticipate that all medical students will be taught these facts during their training as medical professionals by accredited academic institutions."

Palmer, T. (2014) The Science of Spirit Possession, hardback, p. 16.

With a Foreword by Dr Alan Sanderson

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We are all adding Value to Medicine Now

Our Training Classes

Before the Corona-19 restrictions on groups and travel, this is how we trained our practitioners.  This clip was recorded in Haymarket, Virginia in October 2019. Our next workshops in the USA and UK have been cancelled, so now we need to teach this online.

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