Directory of Practitioners

From Both Sides of the Atlantic

These qualified practitioners from both sides of the Atlantic are  all pioneers in the application of our unique Remote Spirit Release Protocol.

David Graham IPHM

David is a Remote Spirit Release Practitioner (IPHM), Regression Therapist (Dip. R. Th) and Hypnotherapist (M. Dip. Hyp).

You can visit his website via the link just below here.

David lives and works in the West Midlands in UK.

Email [email protected]

Tel 01926 772215

Mobile 07854 538495

Heather Stubbs IPHM

Heather facilitates with several mediums who connect with their own guides and acts as medium herself with her own spirit guide.

Heather hosts our online practitioner meetings and practice sessions from home in Seattle, WA. USA.

Email address: [email protected]

Check out Heather's practitioner page at the link below.

 Tara Abele IPHM

Tara is both a facilitator and a medium  in Remote Spirit Release and is also the founder of her own Peaceful Pathways QH.  As well as quantum healing hypnosis, Tara is trained in both the B.Q.H. & A.U.R.A. techniques.

Tara operates from New Jersey. USA.

For more information and reviews, please visit Tara's website.

Email: [email protected]

 Danielle Lynch MEd IPHM

Danielle is multi-talented. In addition  to being a facilitator and medium in Remote Spirit Release, she is an Ordained Minister and a senior data analyst. As a data analyst, she emphasizes the use of our evidence-based intervention protocol to clear individuals of negative spirit attachments and negative energy.

Location:  Boston, Massachusetts.

Tel: 1.617.320.8853

Email: [email protected]

Jonno Webster IPHM

Jonno works as a Psychic Surgeon, Remote Spirit Release Therapist and is one of the UK’s very few certified Trance Healing teachers (IPHM).

Jonno is from Witshire, England

Email: [email protected]

Link to his website and FaceBook page below.

Natasha Parvin IPHM

Natasha is a practitioner of Remote Spirit Release (IPHM), a Hypnotherapy graduate of HMI and member of AHA.

Natasha moves around with her husband's work and now operates from North Dakota, USA.

Visit her website for more info.

Email: [email protected]

Nicola Dexter IPHM

Nicola, (fourth from the left in the front row), is a Remote Spirit Release Practitioner (IPHM), Spirit Release Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Master Practitioner of NLP and Time Line Therapy ®.

Nicola facilitates with Leon, (2nd row behind Nicola), acting as the psychic/medium/channeller.

Leon is a Remote Spirit Release Practitioner (IPHM). Both Nicola and Leon are trained in Egyptian Pendulum Healing. They also work on healing pets and horses.

Nicola and Leon live and work from Nottingham in England

Email [email protected]

Email [email protected]

Mobile - Nicola 07711 462923

Mobile - Leon - 07914 140024

Sandra Green

Sandra is a natural trance medium who has been open to spirit since childhood. She has a total of seven spirit guides and works with several different facilitators.

Sandra lives and works in Ellesmere Port, near Liverpool, UK.

Email:  [email protected]


Contact 07882634124

Karuna Chinchkhede IPHM

Karuna, works in remote spirit release as both a medium and facilitator. She is also a certified Level 2 Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) practitioner.

Karuna works from home in California.


Anita Das IPHM

Anita Das (DipRTh; DipHyp; AdvCtHyp; DipSR; Dip. Spiritual Counselling;

Dip. Holistic Healing Practitioner; Cert.Spiritual Life Coach; Cert.Soul Transformation Therapist; Cert.Soul Plan Teacher; GQHP; MCMA; IPHM). Anita is a trance medium.

Anita is based in South West London.

Email: [email protected]

Charlotte Missenden IPHM

Charlotte is a Remote Spirit Release Practitioner (IPHM), working as both a medium and facilitator. Charlotte also teaches mediumship and works as a self-love and happiness coach.

Charlotte is based in Hertfordshire, just North of London

You can find out more about Charlotte via her website.

Practitioners with CPC or IPHM may occupy this space

All entries above are certified practitioners (CPC) of Remote Spirit Release.

Thank you for showing that you are pioneering Remote Spirit Release with us.

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What our practitioners are saying


  I am blessed to say this is my current focus. I am proud to be certified in Remote Spirit Release with Dr Terence Palmer. I began training in March 2019 and attended Live training October 2019. This is a way of cleaning an energetic or etheric wound. In this type of session, we are not together physically.

(Heather, Seattle, WA)

I have recently trained with Dr Terence Palmer, and I am now a qualified Remote Spirit Release Practitioner. Meeting Terry has opened a doorway for my spirit guides and has propelled me into trance mediumship. I work in this way to remove earthbound spirits attached to people or places.

(Sandra, Wirral, UK)


I have such deep gratitude for Dr Palmer and his colleagues who supported me through my training. This is fascinating work and the classes were both exciting and informative, the ongoing practice sessions were an unexpected blessing that allowed me to further develop my confidence and overall the experience was exceptional value for money. Dr Palmer is so dedicated to this work and to his students, I have never experienced such diligent, ongoing and committed mentoring as I have being part of this team, this is not a revenue generator, it is a team of people creating positive change in the world. I now work as a Remote Spirit Release practitioner and see the value of this service on a daily basis. I am so glad I found my way to Terry's class and wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone wishing to make a difference to those who suffer with mental health issues and psychic/spiritual attack.

(CM, Herts, UK)



Our practitioners have not been medically trained and therefore not qualified to diagnose or treat medical or psychiatric conditions.  Our contributions to add value to medicine are conducted remotely via a spiritual avenue and their efficacy has yet to be tested under controlled conditions by a scientific institution. Offers to test our methods from any institution with an interest in the nature of consciousness or the efficacy of spiritual interventions, are welcome.

Dr T J Palmer BA MA PhD

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