Practitioner Training

Learn How to Release Earthbound Spirits

Hospitals are full of the earthbound spirits of the deceased. How to release them from their earthbound torment is something that every hospital healthcare professional should know. Learn with us and help us keep our hospitals free of suffering spirits of the deceased.

Learn how to form your own hospital remote spirit release group with us.

This is just one of an infinite range of applications of the remote method.

If you are a therapist trying to treat patients unable to respond to traditional methods then give this method a test run.

The Remote Protocol

Our unique Protocol is the result of many years of experience and efficacy testing. Working in teams with therapists, mediums and spirit guides we will teach you how to remove troublesome Dark Force Entities (DFEs), curses, alien implants, inter-dimensional parasites, negative thought forms, earthbound spirits and much more.

The success of the protocol depends upon the skill of the practitioners and their rapport with the spirit guides. We aim to teach how to facilitate the protocol to reach the highest degree of accuracy in relieving distress in your patients.

Research data from Dr Palmer's cases shows that 80% of his cases are dealt with in just one session that takes less than one hour to facilitate.

Affordable Training

Our objectives are to teach how to heal the sick at the lowest possible cost and to demonstrate through evidence-based practice that our methods work. We are not in the business of exploiting the sick or running these training events to make money. Therefore, our prices are the lowest possible, just to cover operating expenses.

You'll not find better value from any other SRT training course.

Mentorship & Community

Following your training, upgrade to Qualified Practitioner to join your peer support network that spans the globe from Canada, North and South America, UK and Europe. Collaborate with researchers and clients in testing innovative remote treatment methods for challenging psychiatric conditions and help pioneer the way for better healthcare for those suffering the damage caused by negative spirit entities (DFEs).

No matter where you are in the world, connect with new friends and colleagues to work with remotely through Zoom or Skype in the service of your clients and for supporting each other with challenging cases.

Join other pioneers in the future of healthcare.

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