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Monthly student fellowship contribution as a Patron

All trainees and  practitioners are registered Patrons of our research initiatives that provide the scientific evidence that the protocol we teach and use is effective and efficient. Patronage is always pledged in $USD


Per Month

Online interactive lessons

Upgrade to Active RSR Trainee for $50 per month for the duration of the training for just four consecutive months (16 weekly sessions). That's a total of $200 or $12.50 per weekly session.


Per Week

Online post-training practice sessions

Following the training, regrade back to $9 per month for unlimited practice sessions. Patronage as a student continues, and is free of any additional charges in preparation for an application for a Certification of Professional Competence (CPC).


Per Month

Qualified Practitioner online peer support and research group

Qualified practitioners with a Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) meet online to discuss new techniques for treating challenging cases with case study reviews and new ideas to help the medical institutions deal with a crumbling health-care sector. Meet with researchers and clients to break new ground with innovative remote methods.

Pioneering the future of healthcare.


Per Month

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Confidential remote spirit release session fees

Full remote spiritual release session for standard clients

The etheric body is cleaned of all attached negative energy on a broad spectrum of inter-dimensional frequencies to clear away dark force negative attachments, etc.


Free full remote spiritual health checks for Patrons

All of our committed trainees and qualified practitioners benefit from free personal spiritual health checks to keep them clear from all negative attachments.


20% discount for friends and family of Patrons

All Patrons who are supporting our training and research initiatives receive a 20% discount on remote spiritual health checks for themselves and for friends and family.

It pays to be a Patron.


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