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Join our Student Fellowship for just $9 per month and  check us out before you commit to the training. If you decide to not join the training, but remain a Patron, you will still have access to all our education materials at no additional cost.


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After your training, you re-grade back to the $9 per month pledge whilst you continue to practice your skills  for your Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC). You may apply for your CPC by submitting two audio recordings of successful cases with written testimonials from satisfied clients who have allowed their case to be used for training purposes. Recordings are assessed on clarity, confidence, time taken and the accurate application of the protocol, together with the client's testimonial on the validity of the findings.


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Certified practitioners with a CPC are invited to re-grade to the Patronage tier of Certified Practioner for the  monthly pleadge of $15 per month, where you  are able to participate in the Practitioners' peer support group for discussions on new techniques, case studies and group remote sessions with challenging cases. Certified practitioners have the option to apply for accreditation from the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM). Check out their fee via the logo to the right.


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 Remote spirit release is dangerous!

The Student Fellowship welcomes psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, general medical practitioners, nurses and licensed hypnotherapists, together with competent mediums to learn how to work together in teams with spirit guides for the remote clearance of negative spirit interferance.

Be advised that Remote Spirit Release (RSR) is dangerous work and we do not encourage anyone to enter this activity lightly. We do not teach healthcare practitioners how to be therapists or mediumship skills and we don't teach mediumship per se to novices because of the dangers.

If you meet the criteria as a professional then you are welcome to join the Student Fellowship and avail yourself of the educational material and all past posts.

If you are not a healthcare professional or experienced medium and you are serious about learning the healing arts or developing your mediumship potential you are invited to contact the organisations recommended below.

Monroe Institute in West Virginia: https://www.monroeinstitute.org/

Spirit University in Florida: https://www.thespirituniversity.com/

College of Psychic Studies in London: https://www.collegeofpsychicstudies.co.uk/

Arthur Findlay College at Stanstead Hall in Essex, England: https://www.arthurfindlaycollege.org/

The School of Intuition & Healing in London and South Africa:


The Spirit Release Forum in Malvern, Worcestershire:


Soul Rescuers, Terry & Natalia O'Sullivan.


In the meantime, become a Student Fellowship Patron and join the waiting list to be eligible for a place with the next course.

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All conferences and travel plans have been cancelled until further notice due to Covid-19

Recommended Reading

Trainees are not required to write essays or pass theory examinations. All our training is practical and experiential, however, it would be wise to do some research reading on Spirit Release titles in preparation for joining our classes. Check out the recommended reading list by clicking on the book image.