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Access All Online Educational Material

Join our Trainee  Fellowship for just £7 ($9) per month and check us out before you commit to the training. If you decide to not join the training, but remain a Patron, you will still have access to all our education materials, news reports and case studies at no additional cost.


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Step Two

Online introductory training for three bi-weekly sessions.

Online Preparation for Training

Online training sessions have been temporarily suspended, pending demand. Stay connected for announcements.


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To be announced.

Become a Patron and  prepare to start your training.

Step Three

Join a practical training course (not online)

Advanced Practitioner Diploma

A three-weekend modular course for those already trained as a hypnotherapist is planned in London for three-weekend modules in the New Year.

Competent mediums with an established relationship with a trusted spirit guide are invited to learn how to work in teams with hypnotherapists.

Places are limited to 12 trainees (equally balanced with six hypnotherapists and six mediums) for maximum practical training experience. Click the link to the left for more information and the availability of places.


£ 594


Dates for courses in the UK and USA in 2022 will be announced in due course.

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Step Four

Upgrade to Qualified Practitioner

Join Practitioners Directory List

Certified practitioners with a CPC  are invited to re-grade to the Patronage tier of Certified Practioner for the monthly pledge of £11.50 ($15) per month, where you can participate in the Practitioners' peer support group for discussions on new techniques, case studies and group remote sessions with challenging cases. Certified practitioners have the option to apply for accreditation from the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM). Check out their fee via the logo to the left.


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Our Fellowship welcomes psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, general medical practitioners, nurses and licensed hypnotherapists, together with competent mediums to learn how to work together in teams with spirit guides for the remote clearance of negative spirit interference.

Practical experiential training is conducted in groups with a maximum of twelve trainees attending in person.

Courses are being planned for London, New York and Canada.

In the meantime, become a Trainee Fellowship Patron and join our community to be eligible for a place with the next course and gain access to all training aids and case studies whilst you are waiting.

Our Calendar of Events

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All overseas travel plans have been suspended until further notice due to Covid-19

Recommended Reading

Trainees are not required to write essays or pass theory examinations. All our training is practical and experiential, however, it would be wise to do some research reading on Spirit Release titles in preparation for joining our classes. Check out the recommended reading list by clicking on the book image.